Future of Law Conference: The Internet of Things, Smart Contracts and Intelligent Machines

School of Law, Singapore Management University26 – 27 October 2017

Day 2 Programme

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DAY 2 – 27 October 2017 (Friday)

8.30 am



Parallel Sessions

9.00 am

Stream 1A

Presentation: New Technologies and Challenges for Consumer Protection


Dr Gary LOW, Assistant Professor, SMU



Professor Nancy S. KIM, California Western School of Law, Normalizing Business Practices Through the Use of Wrap Contracts

Kayleen MANWARING, Lecturer, UNSW, Emerging Information Technologies: Challenges for Consumers

Dr Eliza MIK, Assistant Professor, SMU, Consent and Disclosure in the Age of the Internet-of-Things


9.00 am

Stream 1B

Presentation: Transformations in Intellectual Property Laws


SAW Cheng Lim, Associate Professor, SMU 



Aviv GAON, Osgoode Hall Law School, Talkin’ Bout A Revolution: Artificial Intelligence Authorship

Dr Alexandra GEORGE, Senior Lecturer, UNSW, Sci-Tech Disruption and Intellectual Property: A Metaphysical Approach to the Future of Intellectual Property Laws

Prof Katja LINDROOS, University of Eastern Finland, Law School, Losing Funny Money: The Future of Risks and Gains Underlying Block Chain Technologies



Parallel Sessions

10.20 am

Stream 2A

Presentation: Liability for Artificial Artefacts: from Siri to Self-Driving Cars



Professor Gary CHAN, SMU



Mizuki HASHIGUCHI, Attorney-at-Law, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners, Artificial Intelligence’s Enigmatic Glitches: Practical Challenges Confronting Tort Law in the United States, Europe, and Japan

Professor Salil MEHRA, Temple University, Siri, Who’s the Boss? For Whom Do Intelligent Agents Work?


10.20 am

Stream 2B

Presentation: Technological Challenges for Privacy



Warren CHIK, Associate Professor, SMU



Dr Guido Noto LA DIEGA, Lecturer, Northumbria University, Contracting for the Internet of Things: Fading out the Echo of Privacy and Consumer Protection

Dr Normann WITZLEB, Associate Professor, Monash University, The IoT for Kids: How to protect the privacy of young persons in an interconnected world


11.20 am

Tea Break



Parallel Sessions

11.50 am

Stream 3A

Presentation: Smart Law Enforcement, Predictive Policing & Online Dispute Resolution 



Professor Roger BROWNSWORD, Kings College London



Hannah LIM Yee Fen, Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Can Machines Really Think? Perspectives from a Computer Science-Trained Law Prof

Dr Gavin ROBINSON, Université du Luxembourg, FinTech and Smart Law Enforcement in Luxembourg and the UK

Lucia SOMMERER, Göttingen University,  Under the Electronic Eye: a legal evaluation of predictive policing

Dorcas QUEK, Assistant Professor SMU, Eunice CHUA, Assistant Professor, SMU, Online Dispute Resolution: Challenges and Lessons for Dispute Resolution



Stream 3B

Presentation: Fintech & Cryptocurrencies



Stanley YONG, Principal, The Practical Smarts Company



Dr Federico FERRETTI, Senior Lecturer, Brunel University, Not-So-Big and Big Credit Data, Data Brokers, and FinTech in the EU: Old and New Challenges in an Enduring Policy and Legal Conundrum

Marco CREPALDI, University of Bologna, Distributed ledger technology architecture for the automation of claims against overdue payments in commercial transaction: a proof of technology under Italian law.

Luisa SCARCELLA, University of Graz, Taxation of Cryptocurrencies: the Bitcoin case from a European perspective

Frank HOOGENDIJK, Advocate, Law Square, On Blockchain Technology Applied to Securities Markets


1.05 pm



2.30 pm

Plenary Session 2

2.30 pm

Presentation: Blockchains – Implications for Commercial Law






Chris REED, Professor, Queen Mary University of London, Beyond BitCoin - Legal impurities and off-chain assets

Dr Miriam GOLDBY, Reader, Queen Mary University of London, The use of blockchain in developing electronic alternatives to bills of lading: legal aspects

Kelvin LOW, Associate Professor, SMU, Bitcoin as Property?

Jens KREBS, Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, International trade in the electronic age – Blockchains and Electronic Bills of Lading


4.00 pm

Tea Break


4.30 pm

Closing Keynote Speech


Presentation: Machine Learning and the Law



Dr Eliza MIK, Assistant Professor, SMU



Professor Roger BROWNSWORD, Kings College London, Machine Learning: Regulatory Challenges, Regulatory Opportunities, and Regulatory Red Lines



Daniel SENG, Associate Professor, NUS 


5.30 pm

Closing remarks


Adrian BOTT, Partner and International Head of Digital Business Sector, Osborne Clarke

Dr Eliza MIK, Assistant Professor, SMU

5.45 pm

End of Conference